Purchase Terms & Conditions

General Layby Information

Laybyland is a traditional layby retailer and does not deliver items until the payment plan has been successfully completed.

Regular payments are made weekly, fortnightly or monthly as chosen by you at the time or ordering. Layby periods range between 4 weeks to 12 months/52 weeks/26 fortnights.
Payment methods are credit card (Mastercard, Visa), direct debit or PayPal. The minimum periodical payment is $5 and the maximum is $499.
If payment details need to be changed, please contact our Customer Service Team between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday.
Your goods will be delivered to the delivery address as shown on your initial order within approximately 14 days from final payment date. If you need to change your delivery details please contact at your earliest convenience. Please be aware changes to delivery address should be made prior to the final payment being processed to ensure a successful update in our system.
Your order can be cancelled at any time before your final payment has been attempted.


Flash Sale

Flash Sale offer is $40 off a min spend of $350 in the shopping cart. Doesn't include gift cards and gaming consoles. Excludes new Apple iPhone, iPad and watch ranges launched September 2021. Offer valid until 30th September, 2021. Offer only available to Victorian Laybyland customers. Promo code to use is FLASHSALE. Not in conjunction with other offers.


Minimum Shopping Cart Grand Total

Please note the minimum Shopping Cart Grand Total that is required to check out on www.laybyland.com.au is $100 after vouchers or discount coupons have been applied.


Pre-Christmas Delivery 2021

For orders where delivery is required prior to the 25th of December 2021, you must set the 'Final Payment Date' on the order at no later than the 30th of November 2021. Any orders with the Final Payment Date set after the 30th of November 2021 cannot be guaranteed delivered prior to the 25th of December 2021.


Future Price Guarantee

If you start a Layby order today, and the price of that product is lower when you finish your payment plan, we will provide you with a Laybyland Future Price Guarantee Discount Voucher for the difference in price. If, however, the price is higher at the end of the plan than it was when you placed your order, you will still only be charged the initial lower price. Please also note that this Future Price Guarantee Discount Voucher can only be used on new orders and not on existing orders. Laybyland has a minimum cart value of $150 after a voucher has been applied and the Future Price Guarantee Discount Voucher will have an expiry of 28 days from its issue date. The Future Price Guarantee Discount Voucher will have a minimum spend requirement that equals 4 times the face value of that voucher (i.e. if the Future Price Guarantee Discount Voucher value is $100, you will be required to spend at least $400 for that voucher to work). Any orders for Apple products are excluded from this price guarantee.  


Database Collection

By placing an order and checking out of Laybyland, by default you agree to be subscribed to our database which will enable Laybyland to send account updates and marketing materials to you via email and SMS from time to time. You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any marketing email or SMS, or logging into your online account.



Please note that from time to time a product that you order may be out of stock or deleted once LaybyLand goes to place that order with the relevant supplier. In this instance LaybyLand will try and find you a similar product and LaybyLand will provide you the option of either (a) receiving that similar product, or (b) receiving a full refund from LaybyLand.



Once you have placed your order, an initial payment of the first instalment is required to be paid within 14 days of the order having been placed. With subsequent payments occurring at the time intervals you have selected. Automatic payments are processed by Laybyland at 12.01am on your selected payment day and will be debited from your selected payment method during that day (or next business day if the date is a public holiday or weekend). If you wish to skip a payment please let us know before midday on the business day PRIOR to the scheduled payment. As payments are automated we cannot cancel them the day they are due.


Cancellation Policy

You can cancel at any time before your last payment has been attempted. If you want to cancel your order please email us at customerservice@laybyland.com.au and let us know, and please be sure to quote your order number so our team can help you. There may be a 10% of order value Termination Fee as per our Terms and Conditions. If you have not paid as much as the fee we will not charge you any extra. The Termination Fee is to cover our merchant fees and other associated costs to do with creating and processing your order. 


If you cancel within 21 days of placing the order there will be no Termination Fee.


Refund Policy

Please note all refunds MUST be returned to the same account they were debited from. First refunds cannot, under any circumstance, be processed to a different account. Should the initial account be closed and the first refund attempt be rejected by the financial institution, only then are we able to obtain new payment details to reprocess the refund.

Refund take a minimum of 5-7 business days to be back available in the account for spending.


Changes to Payment Plans

You can make changes to your payment plan via your account on our website. The maximum period that you can extend a Layby Payment Plan is 28 days from the original final layby payment date on an order. Please note changes to payment plans before a scheduled second payment or after a second last scheduled payment need to be done so via Customer Service, customerservice@laybyland.com.au

Paying orders off early

Please note that an 'Estimated Delivery Date' is set when you initially place your order, and we expect to deliver your order to you on or around that Estimated Delivery Date if you make all your payments successfully when they are due. If you pay your order off early it can take up to 21 days for us to delivery your order from your final payment date.

Failed Payments

If a scheduled payment fails we will charge you a $3 failed payment dishonour fee. Please note the amount of your failed payment plus the failed payment fee will be evenly spread over the remaining payments in your layby plan. If you wish to change your new per payment amount, please log into your account, click on your order and click on adjust my payment plan button, or contact customer service. Also, if you have a failed payment and your order goes on suspend the items on your order will be removed from allocation to your order until you have your next successful payment. This may lead to the items that you order not being available for you at the end of your layby plan. 

If you miss 2 payments in a row your order will be placed on suspend until we confirm everything is okay with the scheduled payments and payment method.


Dishonour Fee

You will be charged a dishonour fee of $3.00 to cover charges incurred from a missed Direct Debit, Credit Card payment or PayPal. Please note that your financial institution may also charge you a dishonour fee which Laybyland has no control over and is not responsible for.

End of Layby Period and Delivery

We will notify you 7 days prior to your final payment. If your delivery details have changed before despatch, please notify us at customerservice@laybyland.com.au quoting your order number and change of details. Your order will arrive within 14 days of final payment date, unless otherwise specified. Please note, in some circumstances we are unable to deliver to more remote areas of Australia or may need to charge a delivery fee if our normal couriers do not deliver to your remote location.  Please contact our Customer Service Team to confirm delivery is available.



If goods have been damaged in transit, please contact us to arrange for a return and exchange or refund. In accordance with the Department of Fair Trading, goods cannot be returned if you decide you no longer need the item(s) or have changed your mind.


Please see our full returns policy by clicking here. 



laybyland.com.au reserves the right to not honour an order if there is a pricing error or it is believed an incorrect total was achieved by way of technical glitch, and will notify the customer accordingly. Laybyland has the right to refuse a transaction in the unlikely case that there is a pricing error or cart error and prices are not shown as correct.


Split Payments are responsible for handling customer payments via Direct Debit on behalf of Laybyland.


Terms and Conditions of Split Payments Direct Debit Request (DDR) Service Agreement

1. INITIAL TERMS Split Payments will debit your nominated account for the amounts and at the frequency of payments as agreed between you and the Payment Initiator with whom you have a direct debit agreement and authorised by the Split Payments DDR contract authorised and accepted by you.

2. CHANGE OF TERMS Terms may be changed immediately with the approval of the Payment Initiator or within the parameters of the Digital Agreement issued by the Payment Initiator and approved by the User. This is managed through the Split Payments Platform.

3. DEFERRING OR STOPPING A PAYMENT Should you wish to defer a payment to another date you must contact the Payment Initiator before the date of that payment to request the deferment. Deferments are entirely at the discretion of the Payment Initiator. You may request to stop an individual payment through the Split Payments platform however you will still be liable to make this payment to the Payment Initiator.

4. ALTERING THE SCHEDULE Should you wish to alter the payment frequency or Day to Debit contact the Payment Initiator. Altering schedule is solely at the discretion of the Payment Initiator. The Payment Initiator may charge a fee for this service. The Payment Initiator shall notify you of these fees. Any changes made will not affect the total amount you would otherwise have paid over the minimum term of your Contract.

5. CANCELLING THE PAYMENTS You can cancel this Direct Debit Request Authority at any time through the Split Payments platform. Cancellation of the authority to debit your account will not terminate your contract or remove your liability to make the payments you have agreed to with the Payment Initiator.

6. DISPUTES If you dispute any debit payment, you must notify the Payment Initiator immediately. The Payment Initiator will respond to your dispute within 7 working days and will immediately refund the amount of the debit if they are not able to substantiate the reason for it. If you do not receive a satisfactory response from the Payment Initiator to your dispute, contact Split Payments who will respond to you with an answer to your claim within 5 business days if your claim is lodged within 12 months of the disputed drawing, or within 30 business days if your claim is lodged after 12 months from the disputed drawing.

7. BUSINESS DAYS When the day to debit falls on a weekend or public holiday the debit will be initiated on the next working day.

8. DISHONOURED PAYMENTS It is your responsibility to ensure that on the due date clear funds are available in your nominated account to meet the direct debit payment. Should your payment be dishonoured, you authorise Split Payments to debit your account when clear funds become available in your nominated bank account.

9. ENQUIRIES Enquiries may be directed to enquiries@splitpayments.com.au.

10.YOUR OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES In addition to those already mentioned, you are responsible for ensuring that your nominated account is able to accept direct debits. If it is not, it is your responsibility to provide Split Payments with a new account number.


Stripe Australia are responsible for processing Credit/Debit Card payments


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