Washers & Dryers

Keep your clothes clean with a Layby washing machine

Washing loads of laundry by hand is incredibly arduous and takes ages. Instead, try switching over to a Layby washing machine, built to handle large loads of laundry easily! Choose the washing machine that’ll make your life easier. With many options, from low tech to the best in smart technology, you are sure to find a washing machine that fits your needs. Pick from a variety of front loader and top loader machines, designed to save water and make your life easy. Grab a bunch of accessories too, like grip mats to stop your washers from sliding or making marks on the floor, or grab a bottle of liquid soap for your clothes!

Now that the clothes are dealt with, check out one of our Layby dryers! Let’s be honest, hanging clothes up takes way too much time, and even then they take ages to dry. Investing in a dryer will save you loads of time, and a couple minutes of ironing will have your clothes ready to wear! Plus, if you like, you can even get a combo washer dryer for greater convenience!

Log on to Laybuy now and get all your washer and dryer needs satisfied immediately! Set up an account and pay over several weeks!

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