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Make a delicious meal with Layby Cooktops

One of the simplest pleasures in life is sitting down to a hot meal with your family, and with Layby, making a delicious dinner is a snap! Check out our wide range of Layby cooktops and other accessories!

Layby Cooktops & Ovens

Our electric cooktops are environmentally friendly, easy to use, and ever so convenient. But do you prefer the older way of doing things? We also have top of the line gas burners, perfect for skilled, intuitive cooks. We also supply venting hoods, capable of handling those spicy stews and oily dishes that everyone loves but leave the kitchen an oily and smelly mess!

Oh, but are the holidays approaching? Want to bake up a special treat? Check out our range of Layby ovens! We carry a wide range of ovens for all your baking needs. From electric ovens to charcoal and anthracite fed ovens, you can get the oven of your choice. You can also get baking accessories, like baking trays, grills, skewers and many more. So go ahead, make the cakes of your dreams!

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